Prom Makeup 2015

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Looking for prom makeup ideas? Finding the perfect prom dress is nothing if you fail to pick the right makeup and hairstyle to complement it! This is why here you’ll find a lot of ideas and makeup tutorials to suit your unique taste and style!

Prom Makeup Looks

Before you start looking for a formal makeup look you should consider a few things, for example: What is the color of your dress?; What is the shape of your face and eyes?; and last, but not least in any case: Are you used to wearing makeup?

The last question may seem odd, but you can actually ruin your entire prom night if you choose the wrong makeup look! What that means, you ask? Well, for example: if you are not used to wearing makeup in general, maybe you should consider a more natural prom makeup look. Otherwise, you may not be able to recognise yourself and the heavy evening makeup may end up making you feel unconfortable, instead of making you feel even more beautiful and confident.

Make sure to see yourself with the prom makeup while wearing your dress, before the day of your prom!

Prom Makeup Ideas 2015

smokey prom makeup

dramatic prom makeup

Prom Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes you can apply pretty much any eye makeup and still look amazing.

Here are some lovely prom makeup looks for brown eyes:
prom makeup ideas for brown eyes

Prom Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, consider yourself so lucky! They are super versatile. However, if you want to make them pop you should consider prom eye makeup colors such as gold, sparkles, brown and orange, copper. You can throw in some blue eyeliner or brown mascara.

When choosing the colors for your prom makeup, make sure to consider the shade of blue that you have and what other colors are in there.

Here are some beautiful prom makeup ideas for blue eyes:

Prom Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

PS: The color of your eye makeup doesn’t have to be the same as the color of your gown!

Strong Metallic Purple Prom Makeup

If your prom dress is not overwelming, but light and simple you may want to put the accent onto your eyes with this cool and edgy prom makeup!

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