Here is 1 Simple Trick to Help You Choose the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type!

How to define my body shapeAre you one of those girls who are wondering what would be the perfect prom dress for them? Are you looking at dresses thinking “Well it does look great on the mannequin, but would it look as good on me too?”. If your answer is “Yes!” then this article is for you.

How to define my body shape?

First, you want to start off by measuring the fullest part of your bust, then measure about 1 inch above your belly button and also the fullest part of your hips. Write these measurements down.

Now use the numbers to define your body shape.


apple1. Apple body shape

Your bust and midsection are larger than your hips. Most likely you have a nice bust, shoulders and legs, so you want to enhance those features of your body, without putting too much volume on the waist.

Your goal is to define your waist and guide the eyes towards your bust and shoulders.

Apple shaped celebrities

Apple shaped celebrities

Apple shaped celebrities: Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and Renée Zellweger

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Look for a gorgeous Empire or A-line silhouette dresses; or gowns with bubble skirts to balance out the heavy top.
  • Highlight the bust area with a low V-neck or a sweetheart top dress.
  • Go short, but not too short! Tea length and knee length dresses are amazing on you.
  • Look for details, such as: embellished sleeves, neckline, shoulders.
  • Asymmetrical cut dress hem would look beautiful on you.


  • Straps that are too thin.
  • Too much details around the midsection of the dress
  • Super short and thigh skirts

Formal Prom Dresses for Apple Shape:

purple empire waist prom dress apple shape v neck prom dress apple shape

Purple empire waist prom dress by La Femme ………….. Ball gown with halter beading by ésoldé

pear2. Pear / Triangle body shape

If the widest part of your body is around your hips and thighs, then you are a pear shape.

Your goal would be to draw the attention away from your hips and towards your bust and shoulders, thus creating a balance between the top and bottom part of your body.

Pear shaped celebrities

Pear shaped celebrities

Pear Shaped Celebrities: Ciara, Leighton Meester and Rihanna

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Princess like ball gowns with embellished corset bodice may be your best friend. They will enhance the upper part of your body and will disguise your hips.
  • Dresses whose details are focused on the bust and shoulders, such as: one shoulder, off the shoulder, sweetheart or empire waist prom dresses can be very flattering on you.
  • Fitted waist, flowy skirts, clean lines from the waist down.

*Quick tip: You may want to invest in a very good quality push up bra! It will completely change your look.


  • Mermaid / Trumpet and sheath prom dresses

Formal Prom Dresses for Pear Shape:

black feather prom dress pear shape yellow one shoulder prom dress pear shape

Short black feather Sherri Hill prom dress …………………Long yellow one shoulder dress by Jovani

Strawberry3.  Inverted triangle / Strawberry body shape

This is a top heavy shape. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you are a strawberry shape. Most likely you have beautiful legs.

Your goal would be to draw the attention away from your shoulders and create balance by adding more volume to your hips and better defining your waist.

Strawberry shaped celebrities

Strawberry shaped celebrities

Strawberry shaped celebrities: Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Empire, A-line, princess ball gowns would look great on you.
  • Narrow V or U necklines.
  • Dresses with wider straps.
  • Full, bubble skirts, ruffles and peplum details, or beading from the waist down.


  • Too short skirts
  • Strong details around bust and shoulders

Formal Prom Dresses for Strawberry Shape:

purple v neck la femme strawberry shape white balck strapless jovani prom dress strawberry shape

Beautiful halter chiffon prom gown by La Femme …………Strapless two-toned ball gown with layered skirt

hourglass4. Hourglass body shape

Your bust and hips are well balanced and you have relatively small waist.

Your goal is to maintain the balance and show off those sexy curves while accentuate your awesome waist.

Hourglass shaped celebrities

Hourglass shaped celebrities

Hourglass shaped celebrities: Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson and Beyoncé

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Almost all styles would look good on you. However, mermaid like / trumpet and A-line prom dresses are especially flattering for your figure.
  • V-necks and strapless tops are great choices.
  • Pick soft fabrics that flow around your curves.


  • Baggy or sheath dresses (maxi skirts)

Formal Prom Dresses for Hourglass Shape:

jovani prom dress Hourglass shape long mermaid prom dress Hourglass shape

Long sweetheart mermaid prom gown by Jovani………….Strapless mermaid fuchsia prom dress by Jovani

Rectangle5. Rectangle / Straight body shape

If your shoulders and your hips are pretty much the same width and you can’t clearly defined your waist, you are a rectangle. Most likely you have an athletic body.

Since you don’t have any particular area you want to minimize, your goal is would be to add some curves and femininity to your look.

Rectangle shaped celebrities

Rectangle shaped celebrities

Rectangle shaped celebrities: Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Cameron Diaz

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Dresses with very well defined waist line, such as: empire, mermaid, A-line, ball gowns.
  • You can get away with chunky, structured gowns and details, like: V-necks, halter tops, one shoulder, ruffles, ruching, etc.
  • Embellishments around bust and shoulders.
  • Add volume to the top and bottom part of your body.
  • Wherever possible add a belt.


  • Sheath and dropped waist dresses.

Formal Prom Dresses for Rectangle Shape:

sherri hill long gown Rectangle Shape high low jovani prom dress Rectangle Shape

Asymmetrical beaded Sherri Hill prom dress………………Gorgeous high-low one shoulder Jovani prom dress

How to downplay the areas that you don’t like:

Hips: try an empire waist dress

Big bust: halter dress would work great or a dress with clean top

Small bust: ruffled or ruched top dress

If you are tall: edgy, flowy skirt dress

If you are petite: sequins or a mermaid dress, splits will elongate your figure

Big stomach: try a classic corset ball gown, the full skirt will help you look slimmer on top

*Keep in mind these are general rules and guidelines. It is perfectly fine if the dress that makes you feel special is not “officially” for your body shape.