Prom Shoes – Cheap Silver, Gold & Flat Shoes for Prom

Looking for the perfect prom shoes? The gorgeous pair that matches your stunning prom dress, fits like a charm and makes you feel like a million dollars? Keep reading.

“How to pick the right pair of shoes for my prom night?” is a question which thousands of girls ask every year. It is no secret that often it is harder to find the perfect shoes, than the perfect prom dress.

Before you buy that lovely pair you just saw, take a moment to consider these important points:

Prom Shoes – Style:

The style of the shoes is the first thing you need to decide on. Are you after a princess-like, romantic pair of shoes (strappy sandals or cute pumps) or are you going to use the prom shoes to edge up your look (ankle booties or black studded heels)? Of course, it will all depend on the kind of dress you have already chosen. The shoes complement the dress, not the other way around.

prom dress ankle booties

black prom pumps

romantic prom shoes

Prom Shoes – Color:

The main thing to remember is that the color of your shoes doesn’t have to match the color of your dress. Here are some great tips to help you choose the perfect color for your prom shoes:

  • If your dress has a pattern on it – pick one of the non dominant colors for your shoes
  • Match the shoes with your accessories
  • If your dress has gold or silver details go for gold or silver prom shoes, respectively
  • And of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of nude or black prom shoes
silver prom shoes

gold prom shoes

black prom shoes

nude prom shoes

Flat Prom Shoes vs High Heels

There are a few important points you need to take into account:

  • Have you worn high heels before?
  • Are you planning on dancing all night?
  • How tall is your date?
  • What is your dress – short or long?

If your prom gown is short and you feel confident in heels, buy a pair of high prom shoes to show off those beautiful legs.

And if you don’t know how to walk in heels, but you still want to wear them on your prom night, no worries, with a little bit of practice you too can walk with catwalk confidence. Just take a look at these wonderful tips on how to walk in high heels.

how to walk in high heels for prom

Recommended read: How to Walk in Heels

On the other hand, if you feel unsure wearing heels and you would love to dance the night away – you should consider getting a pair of stylinsh flat prom shoes.

black prom shoes

flat prom sandals

high prom pumps

*As a rule of thumb: Pair short dresses (or gowns with slits) with high heels to make your legs appear longer and sexier. If your dress is long you can easily get away with a pair of cute flats, without compromising your appearence.

Cheap Prom Shoes

The average price of a beautiful pair of shoes for prom is between $40 and $150. However, if you are on a budget, there are plenty of gorgeous and affordable prom shoes under $30 or even $20 that you can choose from.

cheap prom shoes under 50

cheap prom shoes under 40

cheap prom shoes under 20

cheap prom shoes under 30

  • Silver prom shoes – Celeste ($47.99)
  • Gold rhinestones prom shoes – Celeste ($30.00)
  • Black prom shoes – Rialto ($18.44)
  • Gold prom shoes – Glaze ($25.00)

When buying your prom shoes try to keep in mind the whole look.

PS: Make sure to break into your shoes before the night of your prom. Yes its a cliche, but its a cliche for a reason. You want people to notice your fabulous walk, before they notice your shoes.

25 Stunning Prom Shoes You’ll Want to Wear Everyday

These super stylish pairs are perfect for prom night and all your special occasions to come after.

Nine West chunky color block prom shoes

Chunky color block moshpit suede sandals, $98.95, Nine West

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11 Unique Low Heel Prom Shoes You Wish You Had Today

Looking for a comfortable, yet super stylish and sexy prom sandals? Then check out these amazing 11 crystal low heel prom shoes and find the perfect pair for your prom night!

unique gree peacock low heel prom shoes Honeystore

Unique low heel green prom shoes with green crystal peacock desing by Honeystore
(Shop style HERE)

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Fun & Colorful Printed Prom Shoes 2015

Looking for a prom inspiration? Wondering how to spice up your prom outfit? Looking for a pair of shoes that will stand out! Take a look at these gorgeous show stopping prom high heels.

elegant strappy floral prom sandals 2015 by Betsey Johnson FriskyyArt inspired strappy prom sandals with creamy floral print and ankle strap with with a bow detail by Betsey Johnson

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Silver Prom Shoes – Cheap, High Heel & Flat Silver Shoes

Silver prom shoes will look wonderful with pretty much any dress, if you match it with the right accessories.

Since it’s concidered a neutral you can never go wrong with silver, but if your prom dress is white, black, blue, green, red, purple or grey your silver shoes will complement your prom look even better.

It very much depends on the tint and shade, but in general avoid wearing silver shoes with gold dress or accessories.

Flat Silver Prom Shoes

There are plenty of silver formal flats to make you feel like a princess without the discomfort of a high heel. You can look as glamourous in a pair of stylish flats as you would in heels. This is why there is no surprise that every year more and more girls are looking for cute and elegant flat silver shoes for their prom night.

Here are some lovely examples of flat silver prom shoes:

flat silver prom shoes

flat silver rhinestones prom shoes

flat silver prom sandals

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Black Prom Platform Shoes

Contrary to popular belief, a prom dress is not the only element which comes into play when trying to make a fashion statement on prom night. Part of the ‘wow factor’ comes from the shoes that you choose to pair with that prom dress. Below you will find a few options of black, platform prom shoes to wear on this memorable night.

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Silver High Heel Prom Sandals

It’s common knowledge that the right pair of shoes can make an outfit. Choose the wrong pair of shoes however, and they can break your outfit instead. When it comes to prom, this is one of the most painstaking decisions a girl can make, besides finding the perfect prom dress, of course. Take a look below at a few silver high heel prom sandal options for you to compliment your dress on prom night. These silver high heel prom sandals will be sure to have all the other girls at prom green with shoe envy on that night.

high silver metallic prom sandals with spikes by Nine West

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Flat Prom Shoes with Gold Details

For many girls, prom night involves dancing the night away in a pair of killer heels. This usually involves aching feet at some point during the course of the night. Today, however, more and more girls are opting to wear sandals on that special night. Why not combine style and practicality with these prom sandals below?

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