Cute Short Purple Prom Dresses

The beauty of a short dress on prom night cannot be underestimated. Not only can it be more practical for you when dancing the night away on prom night, but it can also be more comfortable as well. As such, why not take a look at this list of cute, short, purple prom dresses just below?

short light purple prom dress by sherri hill

This beautiful short, light purple Sherri Hill prom dress is a perfect option for those girls who want to cover up their arms on prom night, but still look trendy.

short purple prom dress by sherri hill with multicolor jemstones

This Sherri Hill dress looks like it is truly out of this world with its beautiful plum color and shimmery beading.

short strapless purple prom dress by jovani

This short, strapless Jovani dress showcases a spectacular array of purples, in addition to its ruffled, girly shirted bottom