Strapless Blue Prom Dresses By Jovani 2014

Although not one of most popular color choices for prom, blue is a gorgeous color. Coming in an array of shades from sky blue to navy blue, blue is a color which is synonymous with calmness and serenity. take a look at these strapless, long blue Jovani 2014 prom dresses that will have everyone wishing that they sported this wonderful color.

long blue prom dress by jovani with embellished top

This long, blue Jovani prom dress features a strapless, embellished top- the prefect compliment to its gorgeous, mermaid-like bottom.

strapless blue prom dress with peacock details by jovani

Bring out your inner diva with this show-stopping long, blue, strapless Jovani prom dress which showcases a beautiful, peacock detailed torso section.

long strapless blue prom dress 2014 by Jovani

Now this long, blue, strapless Jovani dress is what you call breathtaking. The intricate, jeweled detailing on the bust section of this dress, running all the way down, speaks volumes.