Yellow Prom Dresses – Short, Cheap & Plus Size

Looking for a fun yellow prom dress that will make you shine, boost your mood and confidence?

Wondering if yellow is your color? Discover some lovely examples of yellow prom dresses that will take your breath away!

Keep in mind that yellow is a gorgeous, but very specific color. Before you buy that beautiful gown, take your time and try as many shades of yellow as you can, until you find that special one that makes you shine like the sun!

Short Yellow Prom Dresses

Since, yellow reflects joy and happiness you may want to consider a short yellow evening gown that will allow you to dance with your handsome date and have fun with your friends all night long.

Here are some lovely examples of short yellow prom dresses:

short yellow prom dresses

Cheap Yellow Prom Dresses

It goes without saying that the prom night is an important event in the life of every high school girl and everyone want to look and feel their best. However, if you are on a budget you can still look amazing. There are plenty of affordable yellow prom dresses that you can choose from.

Here are some gorgeous ideas of yellow prom dresses under $200:

cheap yellow prom dresses

1. Elegant long strapless yellow prom dress – $88.99 (Buy HERE)
2. Gorgeous strapless long yellow ruched prom gown – $160.00 (Buy HERE)
3. Cute and sexy short yellow prom dress – $129.99 (Buy HERE)

Plus Size Yellow Prom Dresses

Yellow is a great color to wear if you are a curvy girl. You don’t have to restrict yourself to dark and gloomy colors. Pick a beautiful yellow plus size prom dress with accents on the right places and you will look and feel like a princess.

Here are some amazing examples of plus size yellow prom dresses:

plus size yellow prom dresses

What Does Wearing Yellow Dress Means?

Yellow is the color of the sun. It gives joy, happiness and boost of confidence to everybody that wears it. Who doesn’t want that!

What Shoes to Wear with Yellow Prom Dress?

Now you can get creative! If you want to make a statement you can pair your yellow gown with green, blue, pink, purple or neon color prom shoes.

If you are not ready for such bold colors and you want to keep it safe and classy, go for black, nude, cream or silver prom shoes.

Whatever the shoes, just make sure they make you feel amazing!